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【Regarding Delayed Shipment due to heavy snow】

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your support of our products and services at DXHUB.
Regarding shipment schedule, due to heavy snow in certain area, collection and delivery are delayed or suspended.
There is a high chance of delayed delivery in current circumstance.
For latest information regarding delivery, please refer to the official website of YAMATO Transportation.

●Operating status of the collection and delivery of YAMATO Transportation

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and we highly appreciate your understanding and kind consideration.


No1 Ranked No.1 as the most popular SIM card service among foreign nationals
No1 Ranked No.1 as the SIM card service with the best network coverage
No1 Ranked No.1 as the SIM card service with the greatest level of customer satisfaction among foreign nationals

According to Japan Marketing Research Association findings. Investigation outline: Brand name and Brand Image Investigation - March 2019

Free Services


FREE first-month basic charge

First-month basic charge is free. For example, if you apply on Jan 5, then the basic charge from Jan 5 to Jan 31 will be 0.


FREE delivery charge

SIM card will be delivered free of charge to your address anywhere in Japan.


FREE contract cancellation charge

Please send a contract cancellation request one month prior to your desired service cancellation date. Then, you will not have to pay any cancellation fee. (Usually, the fee is about 10,000 yen in other big mobile providers.)


FREE calls with other JP Smart DATA users

Phone calls with other JP Smart DATA 050 number users are free. Does not include calls with users using our "10min Free Call plan"


Can be used immediately!

No binding contract・No contract cancellation fee

Unlike others, JP Smart DATA users do not have to subscribe to any minimum contract period (usually 2 years at other providers). Also, when you cancel the service contract, you will not need to pay any fee.

Cheap international call

We offer competitive international call rates compared to other providers.
Details >

JP Smart DATA Compatible Devices

It can be used on a SIM-unlocked mobile phone with WCDMA (4G/LTE) compatibility or Docomo ※ phone.
For details please contact the manufacturer of your device.

※We use the telecommunication lines of Docomo's, which is one of the largest telecommunication company in Japan, and it covers most of the areas in Japan.
Please check Docomo's site for details of coverage area information.

WCDMA Compatible

SIM Free


A phone number available for you to rent an apartment, find jobs.

※ IP PHONE doesn’t support emergency calls of 110 -119 and other 3-digit numbers.

Phone number is unchangeable and will not have access to Mobile Number Portability (MNP).


Phone calls with other JP Smart DATA 050 number users are free.

Does not include calls with users using our JP Smart CALL plan.


Once the monthly usage charge exceeds (2,000), outgoing call will be suspended while you can still receive incoming calls.

You can also recharge your account to continue making call.

Our Price

Plan 3GB
Early Bird Special +1GB
"+1GB" means: 1 GB will be rewarded for those customers who complete the monthly bill before 23:59 at the end of the month, the rewarded 1GB will be valid till the end of that month only. (Not applicable for free period of first month)
Apply Apply Apply Apply
Plan Prices Monthly Charges
Basic 4G Fee 1,980 yen 2,780 yen 3,980 yen 5,480 yen
Voice Call Basic Fee 300 yen 300 yen 300 yen 300 yen
SMS Basic Fee 150 yen 150 yen 150 yen 150 yen
Total 2,430 yen/Month 3,230 yen/Month 4,430 yen/Month 5,930 yen/Month
Contract Commission Fee 3,000 yen
Plan 3GB
Apply Apply Apply Apply

All the indicated prices are excluding tax. This product has a consumption tax of 10%.

Other Fees

SMS Usage Fee Within Japan 3 yen/mes, Overseas 100 yen/mes
Data Recharge (Unused data cannot be saved for next month use) 800 yen/1GB
Call Rate (Local calls)
Click here for international calls
27 yen/min
Voice Call Limit Service (Unused data cannot be save for next month use) Recharge amount 2000 yen (When the Voice Call fee exceeds 2,000 yen, making phone calls will be restricted in order to prevent extra charges. You can still receive incoming calls.
Contract Termination Commission Fee 3,000 yen → 0 yen ※Free of charge during campaign

Other Conditions

Minimum Contract Term None
Data Transmission Speed LTE Best Effort Maximum Download Speed 185.5 Mbps (data speed is reduced to 128kbps when data usage exceeds the plan usage quota)
Documents Required for Application Passport OR Residence card
Plan Change Available(starting from next month after sending request)
Device None


JP Smart DATA logo image A Provider B Provider
Price 1980 yen~/3GB~ 4900 yen /1GB~ 6500 yen/2GB~
Contract Commission fee 3000 yen 3000 yen 3400 yen
Data Recharge 1GB/1000 yen 0.5GB/550 yen 2GB/2,500 yen
Delivery Charge Free N/A/A Free for order from 2,500 yen
Minimum Contract Term None 2 YEARS 2 YEARS
Cancellation Fee Free 9500 yen penalty fee for early cancellation 9500 yen penalty fee for early cancellation

Convenience store

Credit Card

Others: Electronic money


Credit Card

Others: Bank transfer


Credit Card or Cash Card

Others: Bank transfer

4G Data Speed (maximum) 375Mbps 200Mbps 238Mbps
Multilingual Support Yes Yes No
Required Documents Passport or Residence card ①Inkan - Personal seal
②Bank account or credit card
③Identity verification documents:
Residence card
Insurance card
Credit card
①Residence card
②Bankbook・Personal seal (if bankbook is not available)
1-year COST ONLY 25,560YEN
You can save 3 - 40,000 yen/year
58,800 yen 78,000 yen

Application procedure


Apply online

Online Application

You need to apply online and upload photos of your passport or residence card.


Identity verification

Complete Payment

After payment for the initial fee is complete, we will proceed to the identity verification.



Receive SIM card

SIM card will be sent out once identity verification has passed. Shipping is free within Japan, and it could be sent out on the same day of application at the shortest.


Start using

Online Application

After simple initial setting in your device, you can use immediately use our service.


No need for credit card or bank account


You can make payment at various convenient stores using Smartpit Card number.

Credit Card


We support various credit cards.

Pay Card


Payment through various online payment sites available (Alipay, Wechat)