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Do you have such troubles


I bring my smartphone to Japan and I only want to buy a compatible sim card which has no binding contract

I don’t have a long-term (1-2 years) visa

I don’t have a Japanese bank account or credit card

The mobile contract is in Japanese and it’s so confusing

I don’t want to pay hidden fees and expensive cancelation fee

JP SMART SIM is your solution

Multilingual support

User support in English・Vietnamese・Chinese.

Immediate access!

Usable as soon as you arrive in Japan.

Monthly basic fees free for 1st month

Monthly basic fees are free of charge for contract month.

Cheap International calls

International calls with JP SMART DATA are cheap.

Simple 1-minute Online Application with Only Passport or Residence Card needed

You can apply our「JP Smart SIM」and 「JP Smart WiFi」services online with just a Passport or Residence card (must be within expiration date).

No binding contract・No contract termination fee

Using JP Smart SIM, people who are short-term stay in Japan can have access to phone service.

Application can be completed without credit card or bank account

Payment at convenience stores are accepted. People without credit card, bank account, or seals are also welcome to apply for our service.

We provide services that meet your needs

From 1,628 yen/month(tax included)


Voice Call, SMS and Internet in one SIM card


Only Residence Card needed


Free National Shipping

Any concerns regarding your new journey in Japan can be solved with JP SMART SIM!


Special service for Japanese phone number holders

MNP = the system that allows you to change your mobile phone service company while keeping the same phone number

hero hero
Free contract administration fee
Free monthly fee of the first contract month
50% off on monthly fee of the 2nd and 3rd month

※Target: Applications for over 6GB internet data.


Hassle-free application process!


Online Application


Fill in the online application and upload a photo of identification proof.

  • DATA SIM: Passport or Residence card
  • CALL SIM: Residence card
  • SMART WIFI: Residence card


Complete Payment


Complete payment for the initial fee. The initial fee includes contract administration fee and monthly basic fees for the next month.


Receive SIM card


Shipping is free within Japan.


Start usage


Service is usable as soon as setup is completed.

Looking for an affordable and foreigner-friendly mobile network carrier?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What device is compatible with JP SMART SIM?

A: JP Smart SIM is Docomo SIM and compatible with sim-free smartphones (including those bought in your home country, not locked to any specific provider), Japanese carrier unlocked smartphones and Docomo’s smartphone.

Q: What is the documentation requirement of applying for JP SMART SIM?

(a) JP SMART DATA: A valid Passport or a Residence card. Shipping address must be a valid private address within Japanese territory (hotel/hostel addresses are acceptable)
(b) JP SMART CALL: A valid Residence Card for at least 30 days. The shipping address must be up-to-date and the same as the printed one on your Residence Card.

Q: How long does it take for the delivery?

A: Once we have confirmed that you have completed making the initial payment and update photo of your Identity Document as well as a valid shipping address in the online application form successfully, the SIM package will be delivered to your address within 2 days in the shortest by Yamato Transport.