050 IP Phone Setting

For 050 phone number users, Voice Call Setup is also needed to use the Voice Call Service.

For iOS device usersFor Android Device Users
※JP Smart SIM New APN Setting : To users whose contract date started before 24/1, see here

Insert SIM Card
APN Setting

Connect your device to a wireless network such as WiFi, etc., then download the APN profile configuration and install it.
Please download the file from the link below and install it.
(Please make sure other APN profiles are deleted.)

1.Please download the APN profile from the link below.

JP Smart SIM
JP Smart SIM
JP Smart SIM

2.On the password entry screen, enter the mobile lock release password set before.

3.Choose “Install”, once from the upper right of the screen “Done” appears, tap on it the and setup is done.

JP Smart SIM
JP Smart SIM
JP Smart SIM

For Iphone 4/4s/5 users

If your device is Iphone4/4s/5, please follow these steps
Setting → General → Cellular → Cellular Data Network(Make sure “Cellular Data” is turned on.)

APN 4gn.jp
Username 4gn@jpm
Password 888

Please turn on 3 / 4G.


Set up voice call system for 050 phone number(Setting up IP Phone for JP SMART DATA)

This service is available to those who applied for Voice Call Service in the JP SMART DATA contract.
After the APN setting is completed, you can start using the Voice Call function.

※JP SMART DATA・VOICE CALL International Call Instruction
Enter 010 before the country code.
010 + Country Code + Number
Example: 01063**888555**
“63 is the country code/**888555** is the number”
No need to enter 0 before the country code.

For iOS device usersFor Android Device Users
1.Open App Store
Open App Store
2.Enter "Cloud Softphone" in the search bar.
Enter cloud softphone in he search bar.
3.Tab "GET" to start downloading "Cloud Softphone"
TabGET to start downloading cloud softphone
4.For logging to Cloud Softphone App:
※Cloud ID: 050 number @basix (Please make sure to add @basix after your 050 phone number)
※Password: 050 Voice Plan Password (check in MYPAGE → Product Details →050 Voice Plan)
Link to MYPAGE:
(Email and password are the ones you registered on application)
your phone number@basix and Password that you received from JP Mobile. Then tab Sign in
Enter phone number then tab the BLUE 【IP】button to start calling.
※The GREEN 【mobile0091】button is not applicable.
Enter phone number then tab the BLUE 【IP】button to start calling.