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No1 Ranked No.1 as the most popular SIM card service among foreign nationals
No1 Ranked No.1 as the SIM card service with the best network coverage
No1 Ranked No.1 as the SIM card service with the greatest level of customer satisfaction among foreign nationals

According to Japan Marketing Research Association findings. Investigation outline: Brand name and Brand Image Investigation - March 2019

Why choose JP SMART Data?


Complete application with just your passport

With just your passport (residence card is ok too), you can apply easily online.


No binding contract

Many Japanese telecom companies have minimum contract period, but JP Smart Data do not have minimum contract period


Multilingual customer support

Customer support available in English・Vietnamese・Chinese.


Super Fast internet connection

We are using the service provided from one of the Japan largest telecom company DOCOMO, allowing users to enjoy the service everywhere in Japan.


Usable from the next day at the shortest.

SIM card will be sent out once identity verification has passed. Shipping is free within Japan, and it could be sent out on the same day of application at the shortest.


Basic monthly fees free for first month

In order to reduce your burden on inital payment, we are offering free monthly basic fees for the contract month.

Phone Number

Phone Number

A phone number available for you to rent an apartment, find jobs.

※ IP PHONE doesn’t support emergency calls of 110 -119 and other 3-digit numbers.

Phone number is unchangeable and will not have access to Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

Free Call

Free Call

Phone calls with other JP Smart DATA 050 number users are free.

Does not include calls with users using our JP Smart CALL plan.

Overuse Prevention

Overuse Prevention

Once the monthly usage charge exceeds 2,200 yen(tax included), outgoing call will be suspended while you can still receive incoming calls.

You can also recharge your account to continue making call.

Plan Rates


Data Double Campaign

For JP SMART DATA, the amount of data for each plan will be doubled during the campaign.

JP SMART SIM Data Double Campaign
Target users

For those who are using JP SMART SIM (CALL / DATA) and your payment method is credit card, direct debit, or various Pay services

※For those who pay at convenience store payment (Smart Pit), the campaign will be available for up to 2 months for the new application. If you change to the applicable payment method, the amount of data will be increased after the third month.

Amount of data for each plan 3GB plan → 6GB
6GB plan → 12GB
12GB plan → 25GB
20GB plan → 50GB
Initial fee payment method Cash on delivery, Smart Pit, credit card, various Pay services

Early Bird Special +1GB

1 GB will be rewarded for those customers who complete the monthly bill before 23:59 at the end of the month, the rewarded 1GB will be valid till the end of that month only. (Not applicable for free period of first month)

  • 4G LTE Super Fast internet connection
  • Data can be recharged
  • Another 165 yen(tax included) is needed for the SMS monthly basic fee.

Data Plan



1,980 yen/mo

(2,178 yen/month tax included)

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2,780 yen/mo

(3,058 yen/month tax included)

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3,980 yen/mo

(4,378 yen/month tax included)

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5,480 yen/mo

(6,028 yen/month tax included)

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050 Voice Call Plan

The 050 voice call option service is an IP phone service that allows users to make phone calls through the internet. Since phone calls are made through the internet line, the call rate is at a rather cheap price at 29.7 yen(tax included)/min.



2,280 yen/mo

(2,508 yen/month tax included)

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4,280 yen/mo

(4,708 yen/month tax included)

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5,780 yen/mo

(6,358 yen/month tax included)

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※A contract administration fee of 3,300 yen(tax included) will be required during your first time of application.

Other Fees
SMS Usage Fee Domestic: 3.3 yen/message (tax included)
Overseas: 110 yen/message (tax included)
Data Recharge
(Data rollover is not available)
880 yen(tax included)/1GB
Call Rate (Local calls)
Click here for international calls
29.7 yen(tax included)/min
Voice Call Limit Service
(Charged voice data rollover is not available)
When voice call fee exceeds 2,200 yen(tax included) for the month, service will be temporarily suspended to prevent extra charges. Incoming calls will still be available.
Contract Termination Fee 3,300 yen(tax included)→Free
※Free with campaign
Other Points To Note
Minimum Contract Period None
Internet Connection LTE Best Effort Maximum Download Speed 375 Mbps
(data speed is reduced to 128kbps when data usage exceeds the plan usage quota)
Required Documents for Application Passport or Residence card
Plan Change Available (applies from next month)
Device None

Application procedure


Apply online

Online Application

You need to apply online and upload photos of your passport or residence card.


Identity verification

Complete Payment

After payment for the initial fee is complete, we will proceed to the identity verification.



Receive SIM card

SIM card will be sent out once identity verification has passed. Shipping is free within Japan, and it could be sent out on the same day of application at the shortest.


Start using

Online Application

After simple initial setting in your device, you can use immediately use our service.

Payment Method

コンビニエンスストア Convenience Store
口座振替 Direct Debit
クレジットカード Credit card
その他各種決済サービス Other Payment Methods