Free contract administration fee

Free monthly fee of the first contract month

50% off on monthly fee of the 2nd and 3rd month

Target: Applications for over 6GB internet data.

This is a big chance to keep your current number and get a cheaper monthly fee for your mobile phone service

What is MNP (Mobile Number Portability)
Mobile Number Portability. This is the system that when you change your mobile phone service company, you can use your current phone number and use the service of a new company.


If you transfer number to DX Hub... You can keep your current phone number
Comparing to other Japan major carriers
enjoy the new service with a lower monthly basic fee

MNP Process

  • 1Prepare documents required for the contract.

  • 2Receive MNP reservation number from the current provider.

  • 3Apply for MNP at DX Hub.

  • 4Complete payment for the initial fee.

  • 5DX Hub checks customer’s identity verification documents.

  • 6SIM card will be delivered to customer’s registered address.

  • 7Customer receives Sim card.

  • 8MNP transfer on switchover date.※

  • 9Setup APN to get access to the mobile network.

※Contract be ended with your current provider, and your mobile phone number will be under contract with DX Hub.

MNP Available


Data Double Campaign

For JP SMART CALL, the amount of data for each plan will be doubled during the campaign.

JP SMART SIM Data Double Campaign
Target users

For those who are using JP SMART SIM (CALL / DATA) and your payment method is credit card, direct debit, or various Pay services

※For those who pay at convenience store payment (Smart Pit), the campaign will be available for up to 2 months for the new application. If you change to the applicable payment method, the amount of data will be increased after the third month.

Amount of data for each plan 3GB plan → 6GB
6GB plan → 12GB
12GB plan → 25GB
20GB plan → 50GB
Initial fee payment method Cash on delivery, Smart Pit, credit card, various Pay services

• Early Bird Special +1GB •

1 GB will be rewarded for those customers who complete the monthly bill before 23:59 at the end of the month, the rewarded 1GB will be valid till the end of that month only. (Not applicable for free period of first month)


Plan 3GB
Monthly Charges 2,480 yen

(2,728 yen/month tax included)

3,280 yen

(3,608 yen/month tax included)

4,480 yen

(4,928 yen/month tax included)

5,980 yen

(6,578 yen/month tax included)

Contract Commission Fee 3,300 yen(tax included)
Apply Apply Apply Apply

Other Fees

Call charges Local - 22 yen(tax included) per 30 seconds (International calls are not available)
SMS Usage Fee Domestic: 3.3 yen/message (tax included)
Overseas: 110 yen/message (tax included)
Data Recharge 880 yen(tax included)/1GB
Contract Termination Commission Fee Free

Other Conditions

Minimum Usage Period None
Documents Required for Application Residence card

(valid for over 30 days from the date of application)
Plan Change Available(starting from next month after sending request)

Check Required Documents for Contract

  • Only available for the applicant himself, who’s 18 years old and above. (18~19-year-old applicants will need permission from Parental authority.)
  • Residence card with over 31 days left before the expiry date and current address printed on it. (If you are a Japanese national, you will need an ID with a photo showing your current address within the expiration date)
  • Initial cost (varies with each plan)
  • MNP (number portability) reservation number (with expiration date remaining of 7 days or more)
  • Please unlock the smartphone SIM lock beforehand.

Receiving MNP Reservation Number

  • The expiry date for the MNP reservation number will be 15 days after it is issued. (including the day of issue)
  • We can not accept if there is not at least 7 days or more remaining when applying.
  • The name on the MNP reservation number and the name of the application must be the same.

〈How to obtain MNP reservation number〉


How To Use Reception Desk Reception Hours
Mobile Phone: 151 9:00~20:00
Fixed Phone: 0120-800-000 9:00~20:00
WEB My Docomo 9:00~21:30


How To Use Reception Desk Reception Hours
Mobile/Fixed Phone: 0077-75470 9:00~20:00
WEB My au 9:00~20:00


How To Use Reception Desk Reception Hours
Mobile/Fixed Phone: 0800-100-5533 9:00~20:00
WEB My SoftBank 9:00~20:00


How To Use Reception Desk Reception Hours
Mobile/Fixed Phone: 0570-039-151 9:00~20:00
WEB My Y!mobile 9:00~20:00

Application ~ Identity Verification

  • Please apply from the DX Hub application page.
  • After application, please complete payment for the initial fee.

Important points for MNP service

  • The name on the contract with current mobile company and the name of the person signing the contract with DX Hub must be the same. (You can not switch from a friend or family member).
  • Inputted information and MNP required information has to be the same. (including: phone number, MNP reservation number, MNP reservation expiry date, name, name in Katakana, birth date, and gender)
  • Please choose the switchover date by selecting at least 4 days after the application date (within the expiration date of MNP)
  • If there is any information that is incorrect (inputted information, MNP information, identity verifying information), sim card will not be sent out, nor will it be able to switch over. In that case, we do not accept requests for a refund.
  • MNP reservation number can not be accepted if there is 7 days or more remaining until the due date at the time of application. If it is within 7 days, please acquire the MNP reservation number again.
  • Please note that identity verification takes time, and that there are occasions that customers will have to apply for another switchover date or MNP reservation number.

SIM Card Arrival ~ Starting Usage

  • Sim card will be activated on the same day as the MNP switchover date chosen during application.
  • After activation, please insert the sim card and set up the APN settings.

Payment Method

コンビニエンスストア Convenience Store
口座振替 Direct Debit
クレジットカード Credit card
その他各種決済サービス Other Payment Methods